sábado, 29 de marzo de 2008

Nuevas Noticias De Bill

He has to go to the speech therapist and maintain "that resting period", says his producer and Manager.The young singer with the voice of concern. When will the surgery take place? When is he allowed to speak again? When sing?
At the moment TH-star Bill is in a hospital, resting his voice, preparing for the surgery.A cyst has to be removed from one of his vocal chords. His brother Tom is with him all the time, Bill is very concerned about his voice.The TH producer and manager David Jost said to B.Z.: "The surgery will probably take place next Monday." And one can already tell the it won't be "a fast thing", even if the surgery is small(endoscopic, that means through the mouth, with an operation microscope) andgoes smoothly.Jost explains: "Right after the surgery Bill won't be allowed to speak for about 10 days, and the healing process of the operated vocal chord has to be watched by a doctor on a regular basis. The voice rehabilitation with a speech therapist will take about three more weeks."How is Bill, what is he thinking, what does he wish for?
David Jost: "Bill is crazy, he has been thinking the whole time about whe he could get back on stage with his microphone.He has a guilty conscience, because of the cancelled concerts. That is utter nonsense, he definitely has to be stopped at these thoughts.Bill hates it, when people tell him what he has to do, but after the surgery the resting period has to be kept - even if one has to make him!

Dice que posiblemente la operacion sera el lunes. Que ahora se esta preparando para ello, y tiene a Tom en todo momento al lado. Dice que despues de la operacion, que esperan que sera rapida (una endoscopia), no podra hablar durante 10 dias.. y su rehabilitacion sera las siguientes 3 semanas!
David Jost dice que Bill esta loco, que se pasa las horas pensando en cuando podra volver al escenario con su microfono, porque tiene una mala conciencia por haber cancelado tantos conciertos. Dice que Bill odia que le digan que tiene que hacer, pero que tendra que tener cuidado despues de la operacion.

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