viernes, 8 de agosto de 2008

Bild 08-08-08 (TH)

Americans love our boys!
Tokio-Hotel-week at MTV USA

Americans are in a flap since the first concert of the German whizz kids Tokio Hotel on American ground – especially the females! The hysteria of the US-fans knows no limits like you can see in the chart-show “TRL” at MTV.

The New Yorker Time square is totally marked by Tokio Hotel since Monday, August 4th, 2008! The MTV-show is taped there – and the music-channel dedicates the German boys an entire fan-week. In the show are not only shown the videos and performances of the teenager-band, but also the boys are guests in the studio. Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg account 60 minutes, moderate and give a live-concert.

One of the many topics: their VMA-nomination!

Tokio Hotel are nominated for the “MTV Video Music Award 2008” (September, 9th [actually the 7th], Los Angeles) with their music-clip of the song “Ready, Set, Go!” (“Übers Ende der Welt”) in the category “Best Pop-Video”.
In the MTV-TRL-Interview Bill says about that: “ It`s so cool for us to be nominated! It`s really, really something special – it`s America and it`s our first American award-nomination.. That`s great!”

It`s fact: America likes our four Magdeburger boys!

Scream-alarm, cuddly toys-throwing and some “Marry me”-placards cause Tokio Hotel-fever since Monday.

At the beginning of their abroad-journeys the boys performed at the famous open-air-festival: “Giants Stadium”. The boys have really gained a foothold in America!

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