viernes, 1 de agosto de 2008

Fashion Rock (TH)

America meet Tokio Hotel. The gender-bending emo-pop rockers are headed up by eighteen-year-old German twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz, whose looks are identical but whose styles couldn't be more different. "We hate people telling us to wear this and that," says guitarist Tom, who favors dreads, baggy jeans, and a carefully skewed baseball cap. "Sometimes at a photo shoot they try to style this hair," singer Bill says, pointing to his hedgehog-like coiffure, "but no one knows how." His secret? "Hair spray. A lot." Between the hair and emotive vocals--not to mention the piercings, tattoos, and rock-chic clothes--it's easy to see how Bill has become the object of many a teenage crush. And despite their varied senses of style, the Kaulitzes say their twin telepathy provides a shared vision of their goals for the future. "Be successful in America!" Tom says. Adds Bill, with a grin: "And play in Tokyo."

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