jueves, 14 de agosto de 2008

Tokio Hotel Makes VMA History With Nominations

Only two german videos have been nominated in the past for VMA. Sadness part 1 by Enigma in the early 90s (late 80s?) and Be my Lover by la Boucheóm ten years ago. Both these artists only had one nom each. TH is the only one that has double nominations and also one for artist and not just video. If we also vote enough for Video of the Year they might even score 3 noms! major Epic. But even if they don't they have still made music history.

THs presence there at the red carpet (well mostly Bill to be honest) will guarantee them pics in mainstream North American media as well as in the rest of the world; all over Europe, Latin America and Asia. If TH will win it will generate big headlines even in markets where they are less known like in UK and people will pay attention. TH at VMA saves Interscope millions and millions in marketing costs because it is all free publicity. Win-win situation for both TH, label and us fans all over the world!

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