domingo, 13 de julio de 2008

Textos De Ginebra En Ingles (TH)

At 19.30 the first tacts sounded in the Arena of Geneva. 10000 fans screamed when they heard "scream" or «about the end of the world ». Tokyo hotel performed a professional show.

Four boys from Magdeburg (D) hold distance to the audience. No dancing with of the hands stretched 1000-fold longingly upwards. Above all girl's dream Bill does not seem to be able to bring enough distance between himself and the fans. He sang the biggest part of the concert on an interstage behind the percussion.

The quartet created what managed up to now no German singing volume: They conquered the foreign country. With "schrei" (scream) (2005) they managed as the first German tape the direct entrance in the French top 20. In the USA the English version climbed on rank 39 of the Billboard charts, in Canada even on place 6. 60 million fr has earned Tokyo hotel since her debut. Dismissed long smiled and as a passing phenomenon, they have become inaccessible superstars.


The dozen of the girls tipped over
200 security forces as well as nurses and Samaritans were mustered to the sold off concert by Tokyo hotel in Geneva – and they were also suitable.

During 90 minutes the German rock group played in front of 10 ' 000 fans in the Arena of Geneva and the medical nursing staff all handful had to act. Up to 250 times they had to move out, around the mostly young women whom felt bad.

To some confusion it had come in the approach of the concert because of the tickets. Originally the concert the Magdeburg band had been announced for March. Because 18-year-old singer Bill Kaulitz in the spring had had to undergo, nevertheless, a vocal chord operation, several concerts were called off, also that in Geneva.

As a result the organizers planned to let appear Tokyo hotel on today's Saturday in Stade de Genève. Then, however, with his to 25 ’ 000 places this play place to the organizers was too big a number. The tickets for Stade de Geneve were valid for the arena. That of the called off March concert, however, not.

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