jueves, 24 de julio de 2008

Tokio Hotel - Princes of the Parc!

More than thirty thousand people came to see TH in the PdP. More than just an event, it’s the first time that such a young band fills on its own a stadium that is usually reserved for bigger ones.

June 21, 17:00. The opening of doors to the public finally permits many fans to enter/stamp down the lawn of the Parc. A dream comes true!
19:10. A young band from the region of Lille (59), goes up on the main stage: "Good evening, we are called BP Zoom!", says Lionel, the blond singer all intimidated by the huge crowd in front of his eyes. From the first song, the crowd quickly joins and everyone on the lawn lifts his arms in the air. The quartet asks: "For you to make the walls of the stadium shake!" The pop-rock quartet takes the opportunity to play its hits ("Appel aux Plastiscines") and those of others (" If You Want Blood "AD / DC), while thanking TH for their invitation. The ovation is general and the mission to heat up the stadium is fulfilled to 100%!
19:55. The sun still shines on the walls of the PSG, the excitement mounts by one level. The stadium wave creeps over the bleachers, across the lawn to restart with a vengeance. The feast of music with your preferred band in the Parc, that does not happen every day!

What fireworks!
20:50. The sirens are screaming in the sound system. The giant plateau opens on the scene. Gustav, the drummer, begins the famous "Ich brech aus" under the first explosions and other effects of blowing pyrotechnics. The Parc screams of joy! The concert kicks off. Bill, dressed in black leather, red tee-shirt and silver belt, is visibly in great shape. Whew, his voice is strong. He shows a confident smile. "Hello everyone!" Impressed by the immensity of the stadium, he profits from an advanced stage (catwalk) of more than fifty metres to make the crowd scream on "Der letzte Tag". The boys have decided to put substantial resources. The first fireworks announce the famous "Leb’ die Sekunde", the opportunity for Gustav to enjoy the heat of the flamethrowers that are stirring around his drums. The sirens sound again on the hymn "Schrei", introduced megaphone in hand by Bill’s … voice. The fans are especially happy to hear him sing in German, as the entire repertoire tonight.

Gustav deserves his stadium wave
21:30. We are entitled to classical interludes videos (Devilish period, then corridors of the Room 483), the time for Bill to change his clothes (leather and red belt, blue jean with red stripes), and retain all his emotion on the powerful "Stich ins Glück". Then it takes off with a vengeance with the furious "Übers Ende der Welt" and "Reden"! The singer addressed the public several times in his native language. The central plateau then closes around Gustav. It's time for "Spring nicht" and "Wo sind eure Hände". The screens turn red and hearts are breaking. The night falls on the Parc as thirty thousand voices raise on the famous "Durch den Monsun" and acoustic versions of "In die Nacht" and "Rette mich." On "Vergessene Kinder”, the public created a giant German flag with balloons. The four heroes fly away on the giant plateau on the sublime "An deiner Seite (Ich bin da)" in conclusion. Fireworks and explosions of joy guaranteed. Gustav deserves his stadium wave, raise your hand!

Setlist (Parc des Princes, Paris, 06/21/2008):
"Ich brech aus", "Der letzte Tag", "1000 Meere", "Leb 'die Sekunde", "Totgeliebt", "Wir sterben niemals aus", "Schrei", "Schwarz“, "Stich ins Glück", "Übers Ende der Welt", "Reden“, "Heilig", "Geh", "Spring nicht", "Wo sind eure Hände" and "Durch den Monsun". First encore: "In die Nacht" and "Rette mich". Second encore: "Vergessene Kinder" and "An deiner Seite (ich bin da)".

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